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Montenegrin contrasts and beauties can be enjoyed on our daily excursions . The vicinity of Croatia and Albania offers possibility to visit these interesting countries in the neighborhood.



It is difficult to find anywhere on the earth a country so small in size and so rich in natural beauties (sea, mountains, rivers, lakes, canyons, virgin wood) and cultural differences on the boarder between East and West.
All these beauties and differences can be seen and enjoyed on our excursions and guided tours


On this excursion you'll see why Kotor is called a town of one hundred jewels and its Bay the natural place of art. Join this panoramic ride by boat through the most southern fiord, enjoying the sight of steep mountains and calm sea. Visit a holy place on the unique artificial island «Gospa od Skpjela» with its 68 frescoes, learn something about old Montenegrin maritime tradition. After lunch served on board you can swim and relax in the sun.


On this trip we take you to the inland of Montenegro with beautiful green mountains, rivers and canyons. We drive up the mount enjoying the sight of the coast, passing the capital Podgorica and breathtaking canyon of the Moraca River. We visit the Moraca Monastery, a monument of great importance in Montenegrin history dating back to the XIII century. Continuing our journey over the picturesque mountains, we reach the Tara River, also known as 'The Tear of Europe‘. Its canyon (1300 m) is the second deepest in the world, after Colorado. For lunch we stop at a restaurant near the river. We continue our drive to the national park Durmitor up to the famous bridge called "Djurdjevica Tara", a true masterpiece of architecture built before the Second World War. A five arch crossing over the Tara River is an irreplaceable photo model.


If you wish to get an idea of the old way of life in a Montenegrin village from more than a century ago, then the excursion Gornja Lastva is the best choice. The village is situated at 300 meters above sea level on the slopes of the hill Vrmac. Despite the course of time, this village which used to be a self – sustainable system with 7 olive mills, 24 wells and 5 capping, has managed to preserve its cultural identity, traditional customs and architectural heritage. Visit to the church St. Mary from the 14th century. Folklore performance while tasting delicious snack and sipping your drink in the peaceful and relaxed atmosphere of the village.


It's a cultural trip where you can learn a lot about rich historical and cultural heritage of Montenegro and enjoy in part of its natural beauties. Visiting the old capital Cetinje and its Monastery or the palace of the king Nikola I you'll see how in the old times the royal family lived .The village Njeguši will offer you famous local food products. You'll see beauties of the mountain Lovćen, one of Montenegrin national parks and the magnificent and unique fiord, the bay of Kotor and you'll feel the atmosphere of the old Mediterranean town of Kotor that inside its medieval walls lies under UNESCO protection.


When being driven down the mountain you see Skadar Lake it looks like a picture from Chinese paintings. The biggest lake on the Balkan peninsula with rare beauty, various bird species and plants, pleasant climate, natural wonders, rich historical heritage, all this you can find at one place, Montenegrin National park, Skadar Lake. You'll enjoy a boat cruise on the lake, clear water, lush lake vegetation, birds and fresh fish lunch in a local restaurant, prepared and served in the traditional way.


Enjoyable panoramic boat trip along the most beautiful part of the coast, passing by the old town of Budva, the island St. Nicola, the unique hotel-town Sveti Stefan and some hidden exotic beaches. A good chance to relax in the sun and swim in the limpid sea as well as taste local Montenegrin wine during your fish lunch.


It would be a shame to be near Dubrovnik and not to visit this unique town that is under UNESCO protection. It takes your breath away to see it lying in the sun inside medieval walls. It is one of the most beautiful and best preserved old Mediterranean towns with rich cultural and historical heritage and longest merchant tradition. You'll have possibility to feel its lovely contrasts of picturesque streets, old mansions, churches, modern cafes and shops. After sightseeing there is free time for lunch, shopping or just sitting in one of the many cafe bars and enjoying the atmosphere of this beautiful and unique town.


You have an opportunity to visit Albania, the country of rich cultural heritage and tradition that was totally isolated from the rest of the world for more than 50 years of the last century. Passing through areas where for centuries European and oriental cultures mixed you get to Skadar, the old mercantile center with medieval fortress where you see exhibits from Bronze Age and Hellenic and Roman periods. Lunch with specialties from traditional Albanian kitchen is served in a restaurant on the river bank.


If you want to spend an unforgettable night at the sea discovering the beauties of the Bay of Kotor, join us on this excursion.The boat lime – lights enable you to enjoy the sight of the most southern fiord in Europe, a narrow passage Verige, small jewels – like coastal towns and the ancient lightened walls of the old town of Kotor which is under UNESCO protection.You will have an opportunity to observe during your drive a natural island called St. Djordje as well as a famous artificial island Gospa od Skrpjela ( Lady of the Rocks).While the boat glides through the mysterious bay, welcome drink and dinner are served aboard. Folklore dance that follows will make you feel a fragment of the history and tradition of our country.


Departure from the hotel and drive over Podgorica and Nikšić to Pluzine, The youngest town in a region, situated on the shore of Piva lake. After the building of Mratinje Dam in 1975, the town was transferred uphill, while the previous location was flooded by newly created Piva Lake.

Upon arrival, free time.

After the free time, we board a boat for a cruise on the lake Piva which was formed by construction of the Piva hydro-electric plant in 1975 (240 m high). It is 45 kilometers long and up to 200 meters deep. The elevation is 675 m from the sea level, making it the most elevated artificial reservoir in the world.

Its unusal beauty will make this boat ride memorable..

After the boat ride we will enjoy in lunch made of local specalties.

In the afternnon, visit to the monastery Piva, built in 16th century at the spring of Piva river and althought it was a Christian religious center, its construction was approved by the Ottoman rulers,which is an unusual rarity. In 1982 when the Piva Hydro Electric Project created a vast water reservoir, only the Piva monastery was saved and moved to a new localtion, stone by stone together with 1500 square meters frescoes.

After the visit to the monastery, drive back to the coast by the road that offers a beautiful view of The Boka Bay.

Active Holiday


If you have an adventurous spirit and you are looking for something new, something exciting but safe, then the canoeing on the Zeta River is the best choice for you. Paddling downstream the green and limpid Zeta River, you will enjoy the picturesque scenery with lush vegetation. No matter whether you are experienced or just a beginner in kayaking, one is for sure – you will definitively have a lot of fun. Breakfast & lunch are included in the price. After lunch you can enjoy swimming in the river or in a nearby pool before returning to your hotel.


Rafting on the river Tara, through its beautiful, the second deepest canyon in the world, is an experience worth of living. This magnificent river, with limpid green, drinkable water will give you an exciting but not dangerous rafting experience through its unique oasis of silence, untouched nature and beautiful mountain scenery.


This excursion will take you to the beautiful, untouched inland of Montenegro. You will see the breathtaking canyon of the river Moraca, have meals in a small mountain town Kolasin and be taken by 4WD to a photo safari on the mountain Bjelasica. Untouched nature, virgin primeval forest, mountain lakes, bird's eye view at 2000 m, picking up herbs, visiting summer pastures, taking photos of the beautiful scenery are just some of the things you can enjoy in the mountain. You'll get to know the way of life of proud Montenegrins, their hospitality and the taste of their cuisine.


On this excursion you have a unique opportunity to enjoy the beauties of three different sceneries of Montenegro ( sea, mountains, lake) and spend one day of active holiday in nature as well. In Virpazar - the small picturesque town on the bank of the Skadar Lake we get off the bus and continue our trip biking through magnificent landscapes and villages enjoying the wonderful view of the Skadar Lake valley and surrounding hills and mountains, smelling the scent of aromatic herbs, tasting Mediterranean fruits. Possibility to buy the best homemade wine. Fresh fish or meat lunch is served in a local restaurant. After this excursion, even if tired, you’ll feel refreshed and full of positive impressions.